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Welcome to Ria Money Transfer. The second largest money transfer company worldwide.


Do you want to transfer money to your family in Georgia? Ria makes it easy for you thanks to myRia, the best money transfer mobile application in Poland.

1. Download and Register

    Its available in both platforms (Android and iOS) And it will only take you a few       minutes to register

2. Compare our Rates & Fees

    Compare our rates and realize why we´re the best money transfer app in the Poland market.          Don’t forget also we have a special promo, you don’t pay any fees till 31st July

3. Receive Cash or Bank Account

    Choose what’s most convenient for your family. To collect the funds at the branch or to                  receive it directly on their bank account

4. Pay either in Cash or Bank Card

    You may pay the order in cash in our or with bank card by the Euronet Bankomat network

Try out our app for transferring money and you can make a quick bank transfer to Georgia from Poland. Send money from Poland to Georgia with no charge or to other 167 countries we work with for international money transfer. The app allows you to prepare the transaction directly from there and the money is available to pick up within minutes. MyRIA app is available 24/7 in various languages, such as Ukrainian, Polish, English and Russian.

We have the best partners in Georgia, banks, where the transferred money can be collected: TBC,  Bank of Georgia and others. You may also send money direct to a bank account.


Enjoy all the advantages of MyRia App for a rapid money transfer just by downloading it on your phone.


Ria is present in the market for more than 35 years. We help you to send money to your loved ones. It’s easy, fast and secure.

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