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myRia mobile application:


How do I send money?

Download myRia App, register and process the transaction using the application. Once the transaction has been processed, find your nearest Euronet ATM to confirm and pay for it.


What operating systems can I use?

We recommend using the following devices:

Android running OS 4.4+

iPhone running iOS 9+


What ID types can I use to complete the registration process?


Polish ID (Dowód osobisty)

Polish residential permit: temporary/permanent (Karta Pobytu)


Unfortunately, we do not accept driving licenses


Once the transaction has been processed, how much time do I have to pay and confirm it?

You can pay and confirm the transaction until midnight of the same day it has been processed. After midnight the transaction will be cancelled (no fees will be charged) and you can create a new one whenever you want.


What delivery methods are available?

Depending on the destination country, we offer cash pickup, bank/card deposit and home delivery. You can always check what methods are available when processing your transaction.


What are the sending and payout currencies

The sending currency will always be PLN. The payout currency depends in the payout partner.


What are the sending limits?

You can send up to 3000 PLN daily and 13000 PLN every 90 days. If you reach the 90-day limit, we will request additional documents in order to release the transaction.


What countries can I send money to?

We’re present in 160 countries with more than 507,000+ locations. You can always check what countries are available in the mobile app.


Funding a transaction:

Where should I go to pay and confirm my transaction?

Your transaction can be paid and confirmed at any Euronet ATM. You can use the location finder within our App to find your nearest ATM


What payment methods are accepted?

All our ATMs accept card, and over 3000 accept cash. You can use the location finder within our App to find your nearest ATM and confirm the payment method it offers.


What should I do if the barcode reader of the ATM is not available?

You can enter the barcode manually using the keyboard, as well.


Once my transaction has been paid and confirmed, how long does it take for it to be available for my beneficiary to collect it?

Depending on the payout partner, but normally within minutes (taking into consideration business hours on the payout side).


Once my transaction is available, how much time does my beneficiary have to collect it?

It depends on the payout partner, but the beneficiary will normally have between 21-30 calendar days to collect it. After this period, the transaction will be cancelled for exceeding the time limit. If this happens, please get in touch with us and we’ll assist you with the next steps. You’ll be able to resend the money or get a refund.


What is the maximum number notes that can be deposited into an ATM?

Our ATMs usually accept no more than 150 banknotes per transaction.


What denominations are accepted by the cash deposit machine?

Euronet cash deposit machines accept notes issued by the Polish National Bank in denominations of PLN 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. The cash deposit machine does not accept coins.


How to deposit cash in the Euronet cash deposit machine?

The banknotes should be placed in the cash accepting module after the opening of shutter (cover). Depending on the manufacturer of the cash deposit machine, the banknotes should be placed horizontally or vertically.


Why did the cash deposit machine not accept all my notes?

The cash deposit machine is equipped with a recognizing banknotes module. If you try to deposit a banknote which differs from the standard (for example, a damaged one), the note will be returned. If you do not collect the returned banknotes within 30 seconds, they will be placed in a discharge cartridge. In this situation, you should contact us and file a claim.




What does my beneficiary need to collect the transaction?

Your beneficiary must present the transaction PIN number (you must provide it, once the sending process has been completed) + a valid ID. The beneficiary’s name in the order must match with the beneficiary’s ID.


Where can I find the Payout locations?

You can use the location finder within our App to find your beneficiary’s nearest payout location.


If I’m sending to Ukraine, where can my beneficiary collect the money?

Your beneficiary can collect at any location of the following partners:

PrivatBank, Oschadbank, Credit Dnepr Bank, Universal Bank, Ukrgasbank, Ukrainian Financial Group, KredoBank, Bank Pivdennyi, Pravex Bank, IBOX Bank, Globus, Bank Vostok, Accordbank, IndustrialBank, UnexBank, RwS bank, Post Finance, First Ukrainian International Bank (PUMB), Nova Poshta


What’s the payout currency in Ukraine?

EUR, USD, UAH depending on the payout Partner.


What’s the payout currency in destination country?

Depending on the destination country, we offer USD, EUR or local currency. You can always check what currencies are available when processing your transaction.




If I need to request a Modification, Cancellation or refund what should I do?

For modifications, cancellations and refunds, just give us a call and we’ll help you (Customer Support +48 22 307 01 46) or contact us by email: If you email us over the weekend, we’ll answer you on Monday.



Customer service & business hours:

We speak Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English. Our customer service is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18:00 (GMT+2). You can get in touch with us using the Contact form in our App’s Main Menu and just send us a message or give us a call.

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